Taking a Selfie the Right Way

Most teenagers and young people entertain themselves with a new trend in photography - selfie. What is Selfie? Let's just say - self-portrait. True, with some nuances. In a classic self-portrait, you can not always understand the photographer himself took off or someone helped him. Selfi - an obvious self-portrait, in the image of which it is clear that the author of the photo shoots himself.
Any photos of any genre are divided into good and bad. The components of these concepts are different, but there are absolutely identical for all. Let's look at what is necessary to pay attention in order to get quite decent pictures that will differ from a billion other self-portraits for the better?
You all remember that good light is an integral element of any photo, and SELFIE is not an exception to this rule. Before clicking on the button for creating a picture, choose a place with enough lighting. Pay attention also to the fact that the sun or the light source was in front of you and slightly above the eye level, and not shone from behind the shoulders directly into the camera.
If possible, use a thin curtain, covering the window from which direct sunlight is coming or cover the single source of light with a thin cloth that will scatter the light and allow you to get soft and enveloping lighting that will undoubtedly have a better effect on the final picture. Natural light conveys colors much better than artificial light, but color accuracy is not so important with SELFI, as distortion of color temperature can serve as a kind of artistic "chip" of a photograph. For convenience, manufacturers of studio equipment have developed a special handle for selfie, which can be attached to a light camera, which greatly enhances the convenience for shooting a self-portrait.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the place where you are going to take a picture. There are some places in which Selfi will be completely inappropriate. Probably, we should not even talk about funerals or weddings, as well as other solemn events. Just ask yourself the same question every time: "Is there something more important and important than I am now?" If you are inclined to answer "yes", transfer the creation of your self-portrait to another time.
One of the most common mistakes in the creation of Selfie is that almost all photographers practically do not pay attention to the background. But for a portrait photo, the background is an integral and significant part of the photograph. The general perception of the photo by the viewer depends on the background. If your portrait is made in a bathroom with a towel dryer behind your shoulders, it is unlikely that it will be of interest to someone other than a small circle of friends, just as keen on creating self-portraits in any circumstances and under any conditions.
Think about the fact that nature is always a beautiful background. In spring and summer you can sit on the green grass, near the beautiful rose bushes or against the backdrop of the curly sky. In autumn you will be helped by bright variegated carpets of leaves, and in winter there will be a suitable background from the blocks of ice or snow mountains.